Richard Benyon backs Farmers

According to the Newbury Weekly News, Richard Benyon recently met with the National Farmers’ Union to gave his backing to their plans for farming post-Brexit.

Mr Benyon said it’s hard to think of an area where the impact of Brexit will be more far-reaching: “Farming has always formed the bedrock of communities up and down the country and we must recognise its important contribution to the economy, both regionally and nationally.”

Are you a local farmer? What impact will Brexit have for you?

Let us know your stories.

Are you ready to ‘Rise Up’?

Tony Blair is to re-enter the Brexit debate today, in his first speech since the EU Referendum last summer.

In a speech to Open Britain, he will call on Remainers to ‘rise up in defence of our beliefs’. He will argue the people who voted Leave were misinformed and would be right to change their minds.

What do you think about his intervention in the debate?

Do you feel you were misinformed? Are you ready to rise up?

Let us know your thoughts.

Maintaining Security post Brexit

In a Sky News article today, the UK Director of Europol highlights the importance of maintaining our relationship with the agency after we leave the EU.

Rob Wainwright says: “I have seen how threats of terrorism and organised crime have become more global and the need for greater international police cooperation is absolutely essential to keep us safe.”

What are your thoughts on how leaving the EU will affect our security in the UK?

Get used to rising prices

According to the Times yesterday, shoppers need to get used to rising prices as a consequence of the fall in the value of the pound since June last year.

The article reports that car manufacturers and other companies are now adding a sterling premium to their products.

Are you seeing the impact of price rises here in West Berkshire, either personally, for you & your family, or professional in your business?

Let us know by commenting below.


Richard Benyon votes against EU citizens rights

West Berkshire Stronger Together (WBST) was deeply disappointed to learn that Richard Benyon voted against an amendment to the European Union Bill that would have ensured that all EU citizens legally living in the UK on the date of the EU referendum would have their right to stay protected before Article 50 is triggered.

According to a list in yesterday’s Independent, Richard Benyon was among the 332 MPs who voted down the amendment, with a majority of just 42.

At our meeting with Richard Benyon last Saturday, Mr Benyon appeared to agree with WBST that this was an important issue, saying he thought that reassurances should be given to EU citizens. Unfortunately, Mr Benyon’s actions speak louder than his words.

WBST Press Release

Hopes for 2017

  1. Article 50 is not triggered
  2. The Daily Mail ceases publication as a ‘newspaper’, but is re-classified as fiction
  3. The UK Government guarantees all EU citizens living here the right to remain

Tony Vickers

Retired Army Officer, and member of WBST

Hopes for 2017

  1. Supreme Court Appeal to be denied
  2. White Paper to be published for Parliament to vote on
  3. Membership of single market to be approved by Parliament
  4. UK citizens to have the right to retain EU citizenship (if offered by EU)

Martin Sixsmith

Retired Business Group Director, Bayer UK, and member of WBST

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