Impact Story: Unable to Study in the UK

A young friend is unable to fund her university course in the UK. Both her parents are from the EU and as she was uncertain in September 2016 if she would be allowed to stay in Britain for the 3 years to complete her course she was unable to take up her place at university. She is now looking at studying in another EU country in 2017 where she is more likely to remain at the end of her studies.

As a country with an ageing population we need young people to be coming to the UK to work and study if the economy is to continue to grow and be strong for the years ahead. Young people working hard to create a strong economy will ensure that.

CRM, Office Manager & Member of WBST

How is Brexit effecting you?

We want to know how Brexit is impacting the people of West Berkshire, for good or ill.

We want to know:

  • what effect has the referendum result had on you, your family & friends, and your business?
  • What impact do you think Theresa May’s plan for a hard Brexit will have on you?
  • If you voted to Remain, how do you feel about the prospect of a hard Brexit?
  • If you voted to Leave, are you getting what you voted for?

Share your stories here.

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