West Berkshire Stronger Together changes its name

West Berkshire Stronger Together has decided to change it’s name to West Berkshire for Europe.

Commenting on the name change Peter Norman, the group’s Co-ordinator said: “Our group campaigned to stay in the EU under the banner of “West Berkshire Stronger Together” and following the disappointing outcome of the 2016 Referendum we vowed to continue to make people aware of the benefits of the EU membership and to expose the true cost of Brexit.

“Since then through our interactions with people via our street stalls and doorstep campaigning it is clear that more people are coming round to agree with us, although there remain those who are equally passionate about leaving the EU on the 29th March.

“Our cause was boosted when last year, on the 26th October, the largest peace time demonstration since the Iraq War took place where over 700,000 people took to the streets of London, including many people from West Berkshire, demanding the final say on whether we adopt whatever terms are negotiated with the EU. And on the 23rd March there promises to be an even larger demonstration of people anxious about a catastrophic crash out of the EU, and demanding a Peoples Vote on the final deal.

“In recognition that we are no longer an isolated local campaign group we have decided to adopt the for Europe tag to show our solidarity with other grassroots organisations both within Berkshire and nationally. We hope the name change will help like minded people to find and join our rapidly expanding supporter base and to contact us to find out our plans for the National March on the 23rd March.”

Peter went on to say “If you care about our country’s future then come and join us on the march. We are meeting on 23rd March at 9.45am at Newbury Train Station, 9.50am at Thatcham and 9.55am at Theale.”

For existing supporters don’t worry our contact details remain the same and you can find us under our existing twitter and facebook handles as well as at https://westberkshirestrongertogether.eu

Peter M Norman
Co-ordinator West Berkshire for Europe