Richard Benyon votes against EU citizens rights

West Berkshire Stronger Together (WBST) was deeply disappointed to learn that Richard Benyon voted against an amendment to the European Union Bill that would have ensured that all EU citizens legally living in the UK on the date of the EU referendum would have their right to stay protected before Article 50 is triggered.

According to a list in yesterday’s Independent, Richard Benyon was among the 332 MPs who voted down the amendment, with a majority of just 42.

At our meeting with Richard Benyon last Saturday, Mr Benyon appeared to agree with WBST that this was an important issue, saying he thought that reassurances should be given to EU citizens. Unfortunately, Mr Benyon’s actions speak louder than his words.

WBST Press Release

One comment

  • Richard has a history of not following through on his actions.

    1) From June2016 (NewburyWeeklyNews) “We need to have a clear view on how we engage with our nearest neighbours, how we continue to function with them .. when that’s settled then of course we need to put that to the public”

    However on 7th Feb 2017 (Parliament) on debating Clause 99 and Clause 110 regards giving Parliament a meaningful vote on the outcome of negotiation he stated that ” .. it would tie the hands of our negotiators. ” and so rejected both amendments.

    2) 1st Feb 2017 (Parliament) Benyon claimed that he will give the “Treasury Bench full notice that I shall at every available opportunity hold them to account” he then voted to reject Amendment 86 on “Treasury Impact Assessments” on the 7th Feb 2017.

    3) From claiming (NWN, Jan17) that the “best thing would be to remain part of the Single Market, or at least the Customs Union’ he has supported a bill in which David Davis has now confirmed that the UK will be leaving the Customs Union subjecting all UK imports and exports from the EU to customs checks.

    4) As for ‘engaging with our nearest neighbours’ on the 19th October, “Richard Benyon voted against EU nationals living in the UK to retaining rights, including the right to live and work in the UK, should the UK leave the EU.” and on the 8th Feb “Richard Benyon voted against seeking to protect the residence rights of citizens of the European Union and their family members who were lawfully resident in the United Kingdom on 23 June 2016. ”

    5) From a campaigning Remain perspective he has stated in Parliament that on Article 50 he “will passionately support this Bill tonight”.

    Its also disappointing that he has turned his back on protecting the Good Friday Agreement by rejecting Amendment 86, which may lead to the introduction of a hard border for N.Ireland. Surprising given that he has some personal interest in this as his record indicates he was a Lieutenant that served in N.Ireland during The Troubles.

    Richard now needs to explain what a “Clever Brexit” means, and how he will be held to account. What would a good outcome look like regards a “Best Possible Deal”?

    Does he seek a fully comprehensive free trade agreement at the end of the 2-year negotiation, and can we hold him to account that this is achieved?

    Sorry for the long rant .. but I am increasingly frustrated by the duplicity of what is said versus what is done.