Get used to rising prices

According to the Times yesterday, shoppers need to get used to rising prices as a consequence of the fall in the value of the pound since June last year.

The article reports that car manufacturers and other companies are now adding a sterling premium to their products.

Are you seeing the impact of price rises here in West Berkshire, either personally, for you & your family, or professional in your business?

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  • greenpaulfield

    I have certainly noticed a gradual increase in the cost of our weekly shop. Sadly, I fear that we have only just begun to see the start of it and this year will bring even greater increases… or will it? I suppose a cynic might suggest that some ‘forces’ might either choose or be ‘persuaded’ to take a short term hit and hide the increases whilst the government forces a hard Brexit through. Bigger price rises can come after people have been lied to again and believe it’s not that bad after all.

    Isn’t it terrible that we could even think that our “democracy” is so rigged that sweetheart deals and con-tricks are just a standard part of the arrangement?

    Another thing for people to watch out for will be the stealth rises in prices delivered via the less obvious “shrink-flation” – products get smaller, quantities reduce but the price remains the same.

  • This is 100% directly caused by the Brexit vote!

    Microsoft bumps up Surface prices in UK –

  • SarahL

    Leaving the EU also seems to be having an impact on our holiday plans and costs