The democratic thing to do

Last June, Southampton voted to Leave the EU. Yet Southampton’s Labour MP, Alan Whitehead, voted against the Bill to trigger Article 50.

Reading Alan Whitehead’s explanation makes an interesting comparison with Richard Benyon’s reasons for voting for the Bill.

Mr Benyon supported the Bill because he believed it the thing to do as a “democrat”: the UK voted to Leave.

Although he believes leaving will “produce a worse future for our country”, he wants to use the Remain vote in his constituency to push for a ‘clever‘ Brexit, which “serves the needs of West Berkshire businesses”.

Mr Whitehead felt the Government’s 4 line Bill did not provide a basis for an informed debate:

“I do not think that rushing into triggering Article 50 without clarity on what we will be doing is in our country’s best interest, and I was not prepared to stand by and allow us to go down what I regard as a potentially very dangerous path for the UK.”

Both voted against their constituents: so, which do you regard as the more democratic response?

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  • Hi Sarah, Thanks for posting these updates. I’m reading through them all now in preparation for Richard’s Brexit meeting on Thursday. It’s reassuring that there are MP’s who do have some scruples.