West Berkshire Stronger Together writes to Guy Verhofstadt

This week West Berkshire Stronger Together wrote to Guy Verhofstadt expressing our desire to remain EU citizens and engage with him to ensure that we are not stripped of our rights:

Dear Mr Verhofstadt,

We write as a local pro-EU action group from West Berkshire. We came together in 2016 due to our collective wish to remain in the European Union. We represent all adult age groups: some of us remember World War 2 or our parents’ experience of it; all of us are grateful for the many benefits the EU has brought to us in terms of our way of life and liberty.

Every single one of us is devastated by the triggering of article 50 and our government’s increasingly hard line stance on so called Brexit. We are sure you are aware of the closeness of the result of our referendum and the inadequacies of the original 2015 Referendum Act. Nevertheless, we do wish to remind you that what Mrs May is doing does not represent the majority of the UK.

We are also concerned for our young people who represent our future yet voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. We are also very worried about the status of our fellow EU citizens from continental Europe who are resident in the U.K.

Whilst we continue to make the case for as ‘soft’ a Brexit as possible, or even a reversal of article 50, we would like to remain as citizens of the EU. We consider this to be a human right of which we are being stripped. We have read with interest about your gallant efforts on this front. We understand how busy you must be but would very much welcome the opportunity to come to Brussels, talk to you about our concerns and hear your latest views on this matter.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and we thank you for your work to date on our behalf.

Yours faithfully,

Members of West Berkshire Stronger Together