Newbury Town Council back People’s Vote

On the 24th September, West Berkshire for Europe received the following statement from Hugh Peacocke, Chief Executive Officer of Newbury Town Council:

“At an extraordinary meeting of Newbury Town Council it was resolved that this Council:

1)            Believes that the UK should remain in the EU.

2)            Will write to the People’s Vote campaign and West Berkshire for Europe to declare support for a ‘People’s Vote’ referendum on the final Brexit outcome to be held as long as Article 50 has not been revoked. This final say referendum should include an option to remain in the EU.”

Peter Norman, Co-ordinator of West Berkshire for Europe, said in response:

“It is hugely encouraging, that Newbury Town Council recognises the enormity of the potential damage to local businesses and opportunities for individuals in our community that will be lost were we to leave the EU.

As an organisation we recognise, however flawed, the result of the Referendum in 2016, but moreover the promises made to secure the result.  

We now have in government the leaders of the Leave campaign, who are directly accountable for ensuring the promises that they made at that time are upheld.  Failure to do so would be a huge betrayal of the British People and in such circumstances we believe it is only right that the people should be given another vote, both on what the government can deliver but also with a Remain option.

As such we will continue to campaign for another referendum and are delighted that we now have the Town Council support in doing this.”