Is our ‘Rally for EU’ for you?

This is a ‘Rally for You’, if you:

  • are proud to be a European
  • want to celebrate all that our EU membership has given us, including the exchange of trade, skills, knowledge and investment
  • voted to leave and feel the Leave Campaign misled you or that your vote is being betrayed by Theresa May’s Government
  • are a student and feel your future is at stake
  • are concerned about the impact of Brexit on:
    • workers’ and human rights
    • borderless issues like the environment
    • the local and national economy
  • want to denounce the rise in racism and hate crime since the referendum
  • want to honour the role the EU has played in Europe enjoying 70 years of peace.

If this is you, then come and join our peaceful demonstration on Saturday 4th February.

Rally for EU Press Release